Connecting People Wordlwide

How To Make Calls :

From Registered Phone Numbers in USA and Canada

Step 1- Dial 1-888-425-9196 (USA), 1-866-339-5181 (Canada) 

Step 2- Listen to your account balance

Step 3- Dial your destination number

From Non-Registered Phone Numbers in USA and Canada

Step 1- Dial 1-800-320-3720 (USA), 1-866-339-5656 (Canada)
Step 2-  Listen and Dial in your PIN Number
Step 3-  Listen to your account balance
Step 4-  Dial your destination number 

From Other Countries

Step1-  Dial  International Access Number from any authorized phone

Step2-  Listen and Dial your  PIN Number

Step3-  To Call USA and Canada: 

Dial  1 + Area Code + The Number

 To Call Other Countries:  

Dial  011 + Country Code + City Code + The Number

 To Save 1 cent/minute use Local Access Number where ever is available

To get your local access number dial 1-866-863-0874

Always verify through your phone company that your local access number is a free call

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